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With leadership from Dr. Jaime Terry , the entire staff at Lake Hartwell Veterinary Clinic shares a philosophy of minimizing stress and maximizing fun for our patients. We find ways to communicate a sense of safety and trust to your pet, so coming to the clinic is a good experience for everyone.

We begin in the reception area by creating a comfortable environment for pets to enter. We listen to what your pet is telling us, attending to behavioral cues and responding in ways that put your pet at ease. Our staff is trained to use persuasion rather than pressure to gain cooperation. In fact, if your pet is saying “No way!” to a procedure, we may ask you to return another day when the mood is calmer.

It’s an important way we put your pet’s well-being first.
Because in the long run, we know that making pets happy to come to the clinic can make a world of difference in how they respond to veterinary care.

We are all about keeping your pet happy & healthy! 


Our services

Wellness care

Because pets age faster than people regular wellness exams are an extremely important part of your pet's overall health care. We believe in a preventative approach and annual comprehensive physical examinations to detect and treat illnesses and prevent problems before they become life-threatening.

We perform a thorough examination to check their eyes, ears, teeth, and gums. We listen to their heart and lungs and carefully feel the abdomen for any abnormalities. We look over the skin and coat for any lumps, bumps, parasites or other problems, and we examine bones and joints for any abnormalities. Finally we discuss your pet's nutrition and lifestyle so we can customize our recommendations to your individual pet.


Our recommendations are in accordance with current guidelines and standard of care set forth by the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, the Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents and leading veterinary colleges across the United States. We recommend annual examinations for your pets, whether young or old. Pets need to develop immunity against such diseases as rabies, distemper, Leptospirosis, and parvo, as these diseases can have serious health concerns or could be fatal if left untreated. Some can also be transmitted to humans.

​We thoroughly evaluate your pet's health and lifestyle in order to determine which vaccines are best suited to your pet based on their risk assessment and geographic location. Each pet is examined yearly to assess health status. Then each pet is assigned a risk category and vaccinated appropriately. We only purchase our vaccines directly from the manufacturer who guarantees their safety and efficacy.

Parasite Control

Parasite detection in your pets is very important not only for their health but in some cases, for your health as well. Puppies and kittens are especially susceptible to parasites since parasites can be passed through the placenta from their mothers. Parasites are specific to each species and the best way to determine if your pet has parasites is to present a fresh fecal sample for testing.

We then treat for each specific parasite appropriately. People who are exposed to certain parasites can occasionally contract serious disease, especially in children and immunosuppressed family members. We recommend fecal examinations once a year tailored to each animal's risk of exposure.

Parasite Prevention is especially important in regard to heartworm disease which is a major life-threatening problem for both dogs and cats. Heartworm disease is still one of the most life threatening conditions seen in practice today and it is transmitted by mosquitoes as is West Nile Virus. It is easily avoided by giving your pet a monthly preventative.

Pain management

Surgical Care & Procedures

Dental care

What our clients say

Dr. Terry is authentic. Dr. Terry genuinely loves animals. We have been using Dr. Terry and Lake Hartwell Veterinary clinic since we moved to the area three years ago. We love her and the way treats our pets. Whether we are there for our pets’ annual check up and/or Dr. Terry is compassionately helping us make the hardest decision a pet parent can make, we feel Dr. Terry has our pets’ best interest in mind. We highly recommend Lake Hartwell Veterinary Clinic. God bless you Dr. Terry!

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